Blotter is your website manager. We fix, build and manage websites. Call today to take control of your website, social media accounts and email client communications. We specialize in non-profits, medical offices, financial management firms and other scheduling-oriented businesses who want to bring in more bookings via the Internet.

Per Month
We take care of all your Internet marketing by building websites, writing content and sales funnels!!
A WordPress website theme, configurations, images, security, domain name.
Technical Support
8 Hours monthly
Dedicated Services
Email & Server Hosting
Custom Builds
Start Setup
Per Month
We'll manage, update, write posts and help you with all your website needs.
Our offices are located in Greenville, SC and Brooklyn, NY. We look forward to talking soon!
Technical Support
4 Hours monthly
Premium Services
Email & Server Hosting
Custom Builds
Start Setup
Online Scheduling
Per Month
Integrated with existing CRM, EMR or Google Calendars
We create a front-end scheduling manager for your existing website for the purpose of signing up new customers.
Website Scheduling
Mobile Phone Scheduling
Up to 500 schedules monthly
Blockable Time
Text Reminders
Start Setup

Website Manager Pricing Details

Blotter pricing aims to set up Internet marketing and functionality solutions for small businesses. website managerWe help you reconcile how the Internet will enhance your sales funnels and revenue models. Our Blotter Website Managers specialize in transforming a company’s website and social media outlets by providing useful tools to deliver results. Contact us to discover how a website manager can help your needs.

We create logos and branding, build websites and manage all your marketing needs with email, forms, scheduling and digital communications

We bill on a monthly subscription model (12-month minimum). Other services that may be included:

SEO Service #1: Website Audits and Updates as Needed

  • Audit of the current ranking of website and backlinking.
  • Audit/Fix plagiarized accounts, duplicate text or images, hyperlink canonicalization, etc.)
  • Evaluate the success of content development versus keyword usage. Are the blogs written properly with good density, etc.?
  • Audit client site traffic and how many visitors visit, bounce rate, origination, which pages are popular and what the overall hit ratio is on the website.

SEO Service #2: Site Optimization

  • We will try to fix the website in regard to optimizing it for the purpose of good Search Engine Optimization based on the standards of Google-recommended standards (changing daily). We will work within WordPress websites to install additional plugins to help optimize the flow of the site.
  • Add landing pages, contact forms and phone numbers for customer leads will be promoted.
  • Audit/Fix issues related to interface design, credibility and other use issues which could impact search engine rankings.

SEO Service #3: Page optimization

  • We will change the meta tags, titles, content, code and other naming conventions on each page and post to ensure the targeted keywords are being reflected properly on the pages.

SEO Service #4: Competitive Analysis Report

  • Audit the information available on competitor websites, including which key phrases they are using and the success they are having in geographical areas nearby versus nationally. Look at backlinking to competitors and understand the nuances of their successes.

SEO Service #5: Keyword/Keyphrase Research Report

  • Audit keywords you are using and which ones are bringing the highest number of unique users to the website versus which ones are not ranking highly. We will provide suggestions on how to attract additional traffic and what pages need to be cleaned up.

SEO Service #6: Content Marketing

  • Develop and promote original content around the keywords targeted by client, including the creation of pages, blogs and social media posts.

Service #7: Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Instagram Optimization

  • We develop methods to generate publicity through social media like blogs, forums, social networking sites.

All work is based on a strict @ $75.00/hour fee structure (plus additional  service fee) and includes all technical, graphical, strategic and training expenses across any activities pertaining to client services.

We’re excited about being a website manager for clients who recognize the quality and benefits of using our full service company to fit your needs.

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