Q?What exactly does Blotter provide?

Blotter sets up Internet marketing and functionality solutions for businesses. We help you reconcile how the Internet will enhance your sales funnels and revenue models. Blotter specializes in transforming a company’s website and social media outlets by providing useful tools to deliver results:

Q?Why the Blog?

We work with website managers looking for new trends in communications and cloud solutions. Blotter.com aims to discuss, plan, engineer, program, write, and maintain strategy for internal and external communications and sales initiatives. We place a large emphasis on reputation, security and compliance. Our team includes business writers, programmers, lawyers and strategists. We help businesses understand trends while providing resources for them to implement and manage sales strategy, documentation, marketing plans and data management. Our resources provide a formalized means for implementing solutions to store documentation and enforce sales and marketing initiatives.

Q?Does Blotter do creative work?

Our resources for technology and communication solutions help businesses that need help building a customized media to meet their unique business requirements.┬áLet’s talk about it.

Q?Does Blotter provide cloud-based technology?

Of course we do cloud-based integrations, but it’s important to realize that all this talk about putting your functionality in the sky is nothing new. Gmail, for instance, is cloud-based email; a website is your cloud-based brochure; and Google Docs is cloud-based productivity software. What is important (and different) is that companies like Blotter are now bringing custom workflow to an externally hosted website. For instance, our clients are moving files and data around the Internet without the hassle of managing their own computer server structure. We help explain this, engineer it and execute the plan.

Q?What niche does Blotter fit for my business?

In a nutshell, electronic communications, functionality and data management for complicated projects. The focus for our team is to expedite your path to efficient and effective tools for conducting business, not necessarily just for marketing but also for collecting and archiving data and information important to regulatory or procedural protocol. Websites we do, but we also build complex structures to move information internally within a company. Oh yes, and we also provide the technical and business writers to make sure it’s coherent.

Q?Can Blotter build the next Twitter or Instagram?

Technically, yes. We have a number of “clever ideas” that we’ve built into functional websites. For instance, LoveOrNot.com was built as a survey for people to discover their love interests. While it’s purely an entertainment website, the infrastructure behind it was complicated and the development involved. We’ve also built websites for limousine dispatchers, flower sellers and other complex e-Commerce businesses requiring complex workflow and database design.

Q?Does Blotter have experience implementing security and compliance rules?

Yes. Most of our work has focused on servicing institutional clients including investment banks, commercial banks, not-for-profit societies and corporations. For instance, Dodd-Frank passed as a response to the late-2000s recession and brought the most significant changes to financial regulation in the United States since the regulatory reform that followed the Great Depression. Our team was involved building out reporting tools and transparency protocols to help businesses stay up-to-date with ongoing changes. And as the regulatory environment continues to evolve, we are on the forefront of implementing new engineering protocols to help our clients respond.

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