The Greenville baby giraffe has some life lessons

The Greenville baby giraffe will be among the tallest animals on earth and has many life lessons for how businesses get noticed. Stand tall and kick ass when needed, and we ARE talking about upstate’s business trenches.

Remember that standing out and thriving comes down to keeping your nose clean and seizing opportunities that nobody else can reach, just like that baby giraffe is doing right now: VIEW NOW


Greenville baby giraffe didn’t give up after six-foot fall

In the wild, tigers may be watching the birth of a giraffe while the mother keeps a watchful eye until the miracle of birth allows the baby giraffe to travel the long distance from womb to ground. When you find yourself down on your luck, get up and find your next opportunity or you might find someone eating your lunch (or you!). Web design is a competitive world full of predators who won’t hesitate to take your next client and keep you down.

The recent birth of the Greenville baby giraffe shows how resilient we need to be when our business isn’t going the way we want it to go.

Capitalism can be a dangerous affair, after all. Other web design managers are typically good-natured and passive, but their bosses are not. [caption id="attachment_2424" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Greenville Baby Giraffe The Greenville Zoo has a live giraffe camera streaming inside: CLICK HERE TO STREAM[/caption] Web Design and Giraffes

Stoop down frequently to find new morsels

The giraffe is well-known for reaching into the highest trees, but they’re also very well known for their awkwardness when having to get to the ground for a drink of water.

Knowing when to come down from a high perch, to learn new skills in web design or to find new ideas in business often means putting your head down and learning something new or taking advice from someone else.

Giraffes frequently look for morsels on the ground, expending great time and energy to sprawl out and come down to a different level. Web Design and Giraffes

Greenville baby giraffe will kick some ass if needed

After being born, the baby giraffe takes up to an hour to get up and can be vulnerable to predators during this most of vulnerable times. All the while, the mother is ready to challenge any opportunist who treads on her terrain.

Find your niche for web design in Greenville and kick some ass if you need to defend it.

Web Design and Giraffes

Celebrate your strengths but don’t fake your talents

You don’t need false eyelashes to enhance your beauty, you need bigger eyes so to see the assets before you.

Web design is all about accentuating the positive but keeping things simple.

The Greenville baby giraffe has eyelashes that would be the envy of any Wade Hampton High School cheerleader. Indeed, a giraffe has an eyelash measuring one-third the width of her eye, but a recent study reported by the online magazine Self suggests enhancing eyelashes more than nature’s benchmark has an adverse effect and will dry out the eyes while attracting dust and dirt. Web Design and Giraffes

Be social and enjoy the herd

A new scientific study says the Greenville baby giraffe will learn to hum and sing with its fellow giraffes if it is to thrive and survive.
Scientists have discovered that giraffes can communicate with each other by humming at incredibly low frequencies. And it’s the first time a ‘sound’ has been identified for the relatively silent creatures. –Fiona MacDonald
There’s a lot of good ideas about web design in Greenville, SC.

We’re the first to point to the leaders who we’ve a lot of respect, such as Ben Pettit who runs STORY LLC and says he’s passionate about helping clients have that “aha” moment in marketing.

We watch the leaders in our community and learn from their successes, too. The Greenville baby giraffe, earth’s tallest animal, can teach us a lot about getting noticed on the Internet.
Looking for more ways to stand our in business by watching giraffes? ]]>

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