Best rated retirement advisors in North Carolina

The best rated retirement advisors in North Carolina also happen to be the ones who are transparent, speak frequently in seminars and who are community leaders. Our best rated retirement advisors in North Carolina are based on leaders in our cities, those who step forward and bring their investment philosophies to YouTube, on websites and in information sessions open to the public.

None of our best rated retirement advisors in North Carolina promise silver bullets

Have you been asked to attend an investment seminar? Look out for freebies and follow the United States Government ( investor recommendations to get the best advice without getting ripped off.

Good retirement advisors in North Carolina won’t give anything away except their advice.

Any investment proposal that promises to give you something will want something in return–that’s the way it works! Get to know your financial advisor by looking at their website and their style of planning. For instance, many investment firms are more aggressive than others, so finding a retirement advisor who shares the same risk appetite as you can be hard. The good ones will state it up front. Here’s our best rated retirement advisors in North Carolina:

#1. King Financial Corporation – Concord, NC

Founder: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner Brian King started nearly two decades ago and has recently been elected to the Concord City Council, demonstrating leadership in his community.

King Financial Corporation from Brian King on Vimeo.

#2. Durso Financial Planners – Charlotte, NC

Founder: Paul L Durso believes that smart financial decisions impact the quality of our lives and that Jesus Christ is central to his approach to business.

#3. Master Plan Wealth Management – Chapel Hill, NC

Founder: Philip Royal, CFP® is a baby boomer who relates personally to the needs of retirees, pre-retirees, professionals, and small business owners and has been working with them since 1994.

#4. Beacon Financial Strategies – Raleigh, NC

Founder: Erin P. Campbell, CPA/PFS, CFP® works with clients in the areas of tax and overall financial planning. Erin’s specific areas of expertise are stock option planning and tax minimization strategies for executives, assisted living feasibility assessments and retirement planning.

#5. Ark Royal Wealth Management – Raleigh, NC

Founder: Mike Palmer, CFP® spent twenty-five years in the trust and wealth management fields. Mr. Palmer’s career includes financial advisory and senior management positions at Central Carolina Bank, First Union National Bank and Trust Company of the South.

Here’s additional guidelines when choosing a retirement advisor in North Carolina:

  • Avoid overstated cases
  • Avoid anything where returns on investments (ROI) exceeds 5% per year
  • Check your adviser’s background via a Google search
  • Before hiring a retirement advisor–get references and get a background report
  • Contact CFP: to find out if he or she is a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner
  • Check the status of his or her license, and find information about professional history using these online resources:

Raleigh, NC

Charlotte Retirement Advisor North Carolina

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