Filing a public transport accident claim in North Carolina

In 2014, Americans completed a staggering 10.8 billion public transportation trips. Millions of people in larger metropolitan areas of the U.S. depend on public transportation to run errands, get to work, and visit friends. With the continually rising costs of car ownership, fluctuating gas prices, and growing traffic problems nationally, these figures will rise.

North Carolina is no different. North Carolina combine for millions of daily public transit riders on buses and rail systems. Park your car and ride the rail downtown Charlotte. Ready to see the Panthers trounce the Rams this week? Ride the Charlotte bus to the stadiumtadium. Especially during community events like football and baseball games or concerts, public transportation often makes more sense than sitting in traffic on the interstate.

bus injury claim

Unfortunately, not every bus ride, taxi ride, or light rail trip gets you to your intended destination on time. We’ve all experienced the frustration of feeling held hostage by public transit. Missing kickoff, the opening song, or the first pitch is always a huge letdown. While aggravating, hopefully traffic is the culprit.

Accidents also happen. When collisions do occur due to driver or operator error or from faulty equipment on a public transit system, damages and personal injury can be catastrophic. Seeking restitution by filing a public transport accident claim in North Carolina can be a confusing process. Victims of public transportation accident injury must deal with insurance claims, municipal and state bus injury claimgovernments, lawyers, and the personnel of the individual transit authority themselves. Sorting through the paperwork, emailing, and phone calls alone takes hours, with often frustrating results.

public transportation injury claimFind a law firm who handles such cases as car crashes, medical mistakes and malpractice, property accidents, and product liability claims. When it comes to public transportation cases, a good lawyer can guide you through the complicated legal process with metro accidents, school bus accidents, limo and taxi accidents, and railroad accidents.

As with most things in life, timing is everything when it comes to public transportation accident injury litigation. A law firm can take your experience from being a frustrating mess of endless paperwork, emailing, and phone calls and transform it into a speedy resolution to your claim. For most people, lost wages at work becomes of highest priority, and quick restitution is the best answer. Creditors, bill collectors, and landlords can compound the experience as you wait for your settlement to come through. Allow your lawyer to ease this already stressful process by working hard for a fast resolution of your claim in order to get your already ailing body on the fastest track to recovery.

public transportation injury claimWhen considering legal counsel in the complicated process of public transportation accident injury litigation, contact a reputable law group.


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2015 Bus Stop Accident in Columbus: A tragic case of a car accident killing a potential public transportation customer at a bus stop in Columbus in August this year. The community is calling for changes to the individual bus route stop, as well as added safety to all area bus stops.

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