Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill Expands to Concord, NC

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill is the undisputed champion of televised sports in Missouri. We North Carolinians are weird and we are artistic but we expect a high standard when it comes to sports and we like to play while watching them. If you like Hooters, then Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill will make the grade.

Director of Franchise Development at Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, Jason Durnett, says that the franchise’s unique sports bar and grill concept, combining sports themes and interactive gaming, will prove to be a great fit for Concord, NC. “We understand that competition in our industry is intense, but Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill brings something to the table that other sports bars don’t,” he said.

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill Features

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill Features

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill is the second owned by Hotshots Franchise partner Aaron Gunn. There is an existing franchise located in Charlotte, NC and Mooresville, NC. The Concord location includes 6500 square feet for 300 beer drinkers and eaters. In addition to TVs galore, skill games for patrons will include dart boards, Big Buck Hunger, Golden Tee and other classic video games.

Beyond their nurturing service and access to endless televised sports, Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill offers a menu with their specialty chicken wings and 1/3 lb. burgers served between two melty grilled cheese sandwhiches. Their specialty is in specialization, offering five different types of bread, ten types of toppings (for free!), seven types of cheese and a variety of premium topings and sauces that will satisfy the most discriminating case of the munchies.

hotshots sports bar

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill opened their 16th location in Concord and competes with other businesses already established in the area. While most welcome the addition, other North Carolinians point out the limits of such a place.

Large, busy, loud! TVs all over the place with all sorts of sports. Darts, pool tables, and even a poker table – all very much in use. Female staff mainly in short plaid skirts and white or black tops, with several of them having multiple tattoos. On this night was a wings special. I ordered boneless wings with a dry rub. I liked the crispness of the coating, and the little bit of heat it had. Wings delivered in a reasonable time, but the fries were slower to get to my table. Seems to be a good place for the locals to enjoy – maybe not so much for a tourist. Located at 7731 Gateway LN, Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill in Concord, NC will be the perfect place to meet with friends and enjoy great food and cold beer while watching the game! –Charlie F. from Raleigh, NC

Not sure why some other reviews have had issues at Hotshots. It is a male dominated crowd. I guess if you are looking for trouble, you will find it. I had no issues what-so-ever. The staff was friendly and helpful, the manager was great. The place was 80% men, 20% women…. Most guys were in groups playing pool, darts, or watching the game. In other words, minding their own business. They do have a rather large man doing security, but even he was friendly. He was also helping to bus the tables……It was that busy.

In fact, he grabbed me wife and had her through at a dart board to win prizes. I have never seen that! Very cool, she won two shots. Expensive shots too….. Crown. Nice! Bonus! They have a lot of stuff on the menu that I will go back to try as well as a lot of drink specials that I will participate in at some point. Max A. from Davidson, NC

There’s a good chance the place will be a hit in Concord and settle into its own, if for no other reason there’s so many televisions in the place. Sports Bars fill a purpose – burgers, wings and beer to go with the game. It’s nice to know they’ll also send over an order of fried pickles, too. We hope they have some Duke’s mayonnaise to go with it (our favorite).

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