Publishing a book is easier than you think

Traditionally, publishing meant preparing your book and submitting it for someone else to take up the rest of the hard work. This is a seductive model, but one which is very limiting for first-time writers without a track record to garner the attention of that publishing house.

Consider publishing your book with a combination of old and new business strategies.

Hybrid Publishing offers a mix of traditional and self-publishing.

Hybrid Publishing for preparing your book includes self-editing, getting feedback from friends and hiring a professional editor.

  • Complete Your Manuscript: Like traditional publishing, you should have a finished, polished book.
  • Hire Professionals: Consider hiring an editor, cover designer, and formatter to make your book as professional as possible. There are editorial services for light editing, design, and marketing. It’s crucial to thoroughly research and select a reputable hybrid publisher if you go this route.

Self-publishing using the hybrid modelTraditional Publishing can happen after you do the bulk of preparation for the book you want published. Once the book is ready, then you can move onto more traditional avenues for circulating your masterpiece.

  • Research Agents and Publishers: Look for those who specialize in your genre and are accepting submissions.
  • Write a Query Letter: This is a pitch to a literary agent or publisher, summarizing your book and why it would be a good fit for them.
  • Submit Your Manuscript: Follow the submission guidelines precisely when sending out your query letter and manuscript or a portion of it.
  • Wait for a Response: This can take several months. You may receive rejections, requests for a full manuscript, or an offer of representation.
  • Sign with a Literary Agent: If an agent is interested, they will offer to represent you and sell your novel to publishers.
  • Book Sold to Publisher: Your agent will handle negotiations, and once a deal is made, the publisher will take over the process of editing, designing, and marketing your book.

When you can’t get a Publisher the fall back is to choose a self-publishing platform like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble Press, or platforms like Draft2Digital that distribute to multiple retailers. Serial Platforms like Wattpad or Radish allow you to publish your novel in serial form, a chapter at a time. This can build an audience and, in some cases, lead to traditional publishing deals.

  • Upload Your Book: You’ll need to upload your manuscript file, cover art, and set details like pricing, description, and categories.
  • Publish: Once you approve the final previews, you can hit publish, and your book will be available for sale.
  • Marketing: Unlike traditional publishing, you will be responsible for all marketing and promotion.

Remember, regardless of the path you choose, it’s important to retain the rights to your work and understand any contracts you sign.

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  1. Don’t forget about newsletters to email addresses. Serials are also a way to go!

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