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Many of today’s most successfully businessmen got their start in the janitorial business, including Stewart Resnick, famous for building a successful cleaning business from scratch after his father won a floor scrubber in a raffle. Running a cleaning business was tough, labor-intensive work, he often said, and it taught him how to organize, schedule, estimate and grow a business with patience and acumen. He eventually acquired other businesses, applying the same discipline that he learned as a custodian. His labor, organization and employee management made him rich. Billionaire rich.

Janitorial Software DemoCleaning and maintenance services are the most outsourced service in our economies. Janitorial services often require the cleaning and maintenance of buildings such as offices, restaurants, retail shops, hospitals, schools, residential accommodations and other types of buildings.

Because the cleaning business is labor-intensive, time consuming and highly-dependent on employee performance, a solid business software solution is mandatory for today’s business leaders who understand the importance of organic and steady growth.

Thoughtful Solutions has been providing Janitorial Business Software for more than 25 years, working hard for the commercial and home caretakers who do the manual work and the managers who estimate, schedule and assign the jobs.

CleanersWhy it’s about managing your employees
Because these cleaners and caretakers exist in a labor-intensive industry that’s highly-dependent on customer satisfaction, growth is simply measured in the number of bookings and the consistency of those schedules. The goal is to have a lot of employees on the job billing efficiently and effectively.

Common Problems Janitorial Business Software Solves:

  • Are all employees regularly going out on jobs?
  • Do you experience being over-staffed or under-staffed?
  • Do you know all-important details about your employees? At the very least, can you access these details within a few seconds?
  • Is your payroll process efficient?
  • Can you efficiently track their performance?
  • Do you have easy access to the cleaning schedule?
  • Do the employees and customers have access to the cleaning schedule?
  • Do you have the ability to market to existing and potential customers through mailing lists and email accounts?

These are just some of the questions and challenges of being in a labor-intensive industry.

If employees do their jobs well, managers can expect the company to do well. Thoughtful Systems Janitorial Business Software is for new or established businesses that need either a desktop or cloud-hosted solution. By empowering your janitorial and maintenance business with technology that includes a Job Estimator, Scheduling Manager, and Employee and Customer portals for mobile phones managers push their business strategy to excel instead of just survival.

Janitorial Business Software for Janitors, Custodians, Cleaners and Caretakers can also address the management issues with employees:

  • Employee Management – Enter and store important employee information including name, address, and phone number. You can even enter and store payroll information. You can also include their pictures.
  • Employee Scheduling – View and manage their schedule.
  • Employee Payroll Management – Record all pay-related information like their last raise and the schedule of their next performance review.
  • Employee Performance – Make notes regarding their performance. An important feature allows you to keep track of their absences on jobs. You can even record the reason for their absence. Later on, you can generate a report of all their absences which will be very helpful for the performance review.
  • Employee Licensing and Credentials – Other features of Janitorial Business Software includes the ability to track of employee training and manage certifications.

With these features of the janitorial software, you can easily manage a well-oiled machine even if you have a hundred employees.

Manage Your Employees and Succeed

If you really want to succeed, don’t be afraid to automate with good software and grow your business with good management. Soon you’ll be booking more and more contracts.

Janitorial Business Software

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