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An app to track employee time and location

An app to track employee time and locationThe great thing about bringing maps to mobile devices is that men no longer feel afraid to ask for directions. On the other hand, there's a generation of workers afraid to use their mobile devices for fear that management will discover they're out playing golf on the golf course! It's a changed world in dispatch and delivery services: an app to track employee time and location is central to scheduling management software fundamental functionality. Thoughtful Systems deploys their Scheduling Manager mobile applications on Apple devices and Android devices for employees to check-in and manage customer accounts while in the field, and managers can see where their employees are at any given time – as well as...

Google content and functionality directives

Google content and functionality directives

If it sometimes feels like Google has a gun to your head when it comes to following SEO best practices, then you’d be correct. However, Google publishes their secret formula here, the cornerstones for any company’s successful Internet presence. This Google-sanctioned website content and functionality, the soul and body for website search engine optimization (SEO), must be followed – or else.

Website managers often fail to line up their strategies around these two Google pillars. Instead, some website managers deploy bad backend infrastructure and useless Applesque graphics, carefully written marketing copy and exhaustive navigation.

Google Monopoly

Worst of all, many of these folks ignore Google content and functionality directives, guidelines that are readily available for anyone to read and apply to a website. Here’s what Google says to website managers:

1. Google 101: How Google crawls, indexes and serves the web

Google Logo

2. Google Webmaster Guidelines

3. When your site is ready

Don’t forget the functionality!

It should be noted there are ways to give website managers an edge – beyond what Google tells us. Traditional and new marketing strategies within the functionality of your WordPress website can take a website from good to great:

Use WordPress content management system (CMS) to level the playing field for your website. WordPress optimizes website content and functionality for website managers because the functionality can be easily added via plugins. These free or inexpensive modules plugin to your website to provide useful utilities for visitors. Here are common plugins used on WordPress that website managers should not be without:

  • Email Signup and Newsletters (i.e., MailPoet)
    Offering the ability to capture a visitor’s email address for the purpose of marketing to them later remains a good way to solicit content on a wide scale. The content from your website’s CRM can be easily re-purposed for email newsletters sent directly to subscribers with just a few clicks.
  • Appointment Calendar (i.e., Ink Appointment)
    Scheduling managers allow users to book hair appointments, medical office visits or any type of booking requirements for a business keen on capturing new users and having them sign up directly for services. Scheduling management is clutch for retail businesses, especially, but also serve the interests of consultants who want to schedule appointments and update appointments online with their customers.
  • Lead Capture (i.e, Gravity Forms)
    Most websites have a sidebar where users are asked to enter more than just an email address “To get more information on the service or product.” Software companies such as Brooklyn-based Thoughtful Systems or Chicago-based Neon CRM keenly capture visitors to their websites, parlaying that information to a sales manager who returns the phone call, offers the sales pitch and closes the deal.

    Landing Page Example

    Landing Page Example at

Hipster designs are pretty and useless. Ask yourself if there is utility behind the slick designs of that slider, and if the rotating images provide unique functional options rather than rote stock photos. Does your website’s easy-to-maneuver and simplistic influence of the (nearly) trillion dollar company that is Apple actually do anything? The iPhone was not beautiful because of its lack of tactile buttons or original pinch and swipe touchscreen, the iPhone was fundamentally a good machine that delivered efficient functionality in a pretty package.

Don’t try to predict what Google wants when you can read it
Few website managers can claim to know exactly how Google evaluates websites for indexing on search results, but the steps above are clear, concise and the only sure-fire way to get results on your website. Where classic SEO strategies included key word listings and back linking to popular websites, today’s standards – as dictated by Google – are very different.

Google puts a gun to your head for how website content and functionality needs to look on a website to be properly indexed on their search results. There’s no changing it. Like it or not, the Google formula for content and functionality is what generates successful search results for your Internet presence.

Why emailing your customers is important

When Jim Koch started Samuel Adams Brewing Company in the 1980s, everyone said he was crazy. Today, he is a billionaire who speaks about the importance of communicating with customers in ways that other businesses are failing.

"It was a long, slow process for the education of a consumer," Koch says. "Beer was sold on the advertising and the marketing of a brand, not the ingredients, brewing process, and the passion of a brewer."

Why emailing your customers is importantMarketing has changed significantly with widespread adoption of email and social media, not to mention the way customers expect to be educated on a business. The story, ideals and values of your business should be told by emailing your customers, mailing your customers, posting...

How Plumbing Business Software Works

Richard Kirby succinctly names the three biggest challenges for a small business: people, finances, and time. A good business software solution tracks the performance of each plumber while helping to address their shortcomings. Second, financial reporting, billing and payroll features are central to any business operation. Last (but certainly not least) is finding the time to administer the business, delegate responsibility and hold yourself and others accountable. Richard-Kirby-philsophy Plumbers don't miss their appointments and customer service is first class when an all-in-one plumbing business software runs on your desktop or cloud service. With the Thoughtful Systems Plumbing Business Software desktop or cloud service, managers can set automatic reminders for employees to purchase parts for certain customers or remind them of appointments. Task are...

Janitorial Business Software For You

Many of today’s most successfully businessmen got their start in the janitorial business, including Stewart Resnick, famous for building a successful cleaning business from scratch after his father won a floor scrubber in a raffle. Running a cleaning business was tough, labor-intensive work, he often said, and it taught him how to organize, schedule, estimate and grow a business with patience and acumen. He eventually acquired other businesses, applying the same discipline that he learned as a custodian. His labor, organization and employee management made him rich. Billionaire rich. Janitorial Software DemoCleaning and maintenance services are the most outsourced service in our economies. Janitorial services often require the cleaning and maintenance of buildings such as offices, restaurants, retail shops, hospitals, schools, residential accommodations and other types...

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