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Air conditioning repair software for scheduling

 Scheduling Manager — Service Business Software SolutionThe thermostat is set to sixty and there's a turkey in the oven – all the guests are sweating. When your HVAC maintenance business has a sophisticated scheduling management software system, these jobs are accomplished easily and efficiently.

While some businesses slow down in the summer, air conditioning repair is in high demand from certified service and repair contractors.

Thoughtful Systems offers Air Conditioning Repair software and HVAC Maintenance software bundled into one solution. If your business wants to improve the efficiency of operations by eliminating time spent writing down and rearranging schedules, the air conditioning maintenance software will take your business from good to great. At the solution's core is the Scheduling Manager, used by thousands of service...

Why emailing your customers is important

When Jim Koch started Samuel Adams Brewing Company in the 1980s, everyone said he was crazy. Today, he is a billionaire who speaks about the importance of communicating with customers in ways that other businesses are failing.

"It was a long, slow process for the education of a consumer," Koch says. "Beer was sold on the advertising and the marketing of a brand, not the ingredients, brewing process, and the passion of a brewer."

Why emailing your customers is importantMarketing has changed significantly with widespread adoption of email and social media, not to mention the way customers expect to be educated on a business. The story, ideals and values of your business should be told by emailing your customers, mailing your customers, posting...

Mapping Functionality for Business Software

When mapping, geo-tagging and route optimization features are included in the business software your service business relies on, everyone will know you've got your best foot forward. It's amazing a singular piece of software technology can go so far in demonstrating organization and accountability to both employees and your clients – you'd think mapping for service business software would be the standard, but you'd be wrong. Amazingly, not all software for service businesses takes advantage of the latest technology for convenient mapping, geo-tagging and route optimization. Thoughtful Systems MappingRemember the days when routing to a customer's address could take as long as the onsite job itself? Those born after 1990 don't know the troubles of folding maps and stopping in gas...

What to look for in Home Health Care Software

house-softwarePicking a Home Health Care Software solution from among so many choices can seem like a task best suited to a philosopher. It takes deductive reasoning when evaluating different technology as well as mathematical acumen when budgeting what to spend on the software package. Rene DescartesIt was the French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) who suggested a dualistic approach to life – a physical realm separate from the mental realm. What does Descartes have to do with Home Health Care Software? Business managers server their clientele with a combination of administrative function (physical realm) and customer service (mental realm). Let's look at it from the perspective of health care workers who go into homes to help patients:...

How to choose small business software

Deciding on Small Business Software There are lots of small business software solutions out there to choose from – many fish in the technological sea, one might say. The question for how to choose small business software starts with identifying features for entering, viewing and maintaining customer information, as well as multifunctional job and appointment management features focused on how your employees act on the job. Deciding on Small Business SoftwareDescartes wondered how he could go beyond doubt, and know things truly. He came up with the cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am. 300 years later, Descartes is still taken very seriously by philosophers of different stripes. A computer can’t say “I think therefore...

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