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Apple bugging out legacy phones

The desperation can be seen through moderated postings on Apple's website, posted in their own Apple Support Community. Here, gdgmacguy had some choice words for someone who suggested that Apple is ignoring the issue:
Apple does NOT support downgrading the iOS.  Why?  who knows,  But they don't.  Nothing you can do. If you want to jailbreak your phone and downgrade, then fine.  But look at all the postings here by people who have attempted to do so and permanently disabled their phones.  Jailbreaking voids your warranty with Apple and eliminates your right to any further assistance. Your choice.  No one forced you to upgrade in the first place.
But other newsgroups, not moderated by Apple, are giving legacy hardware (i.e., iPhone 4) owners ways to avoid upgrading to new hardware (i.e., iPhone 5) by sharing techniques...

Reinventing the Wheel

In the 1978 ‘Rescue from Gilligan’s Island’, actor Russell Johnson shows the Professor in a reinvention predicament. After returning to work at a university, he discovers all his inventions made (while stranded on the island) had been invented already, among them the Frisbee and skateboard. His frustration makes him want to give up the world he's come back to. Reinventing the wheel has become a modern epidemic plaguing Internet technologists, and some are even giving up on innovation and settling into parlaying the same flawed technology because of a fear of trademark infringement or, more frightening still, because they think it just can’t be done any better. Blogger Tim Kastelle has written much about what he calls the Innovation Problem (IP), which advocates that we approach innovation through idea management, an effective counter to the...

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