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Six steps to identify customers for a website

Identify customers for a website website by focusing on telling your story. A business plan can take many hours of intense study and writing to complete, but the process of identifying your ideal customer can be completed fairly quickly if you follow the below six steps:
  • 1. What is your value proposition?  This is your underlying marketing plan to identify customers for a website. It says, "You should visit my website because my website will educate you about your specific interests and needs." This can also be your website's model (i.e., "Resources for Website Managers").
  • 2. Buyer Identification (Interest) Identification helps you achieve your objective. Assemble measurable data with respect to your objective market's demographics, market section, needs and purchasing choices. Find which websites your buyers use and ask the following: How old would they say they are?...

How to write a great headline to get clicks

Like it or not, sensationalism is how to write a great headline. As long as you are concise and factual you will not get penalized by Google. The way to a great SEO campaign is to follow this great new headline template policy. You'll get clicks again and again after and your website manager cred will skyrocket!

Template for a good headline ...

  • How’d you like to [new great thing] that [creates awesome outcome]?
  • Do you know how [great outcome] with [new remarkable thing]?
  • There’s a way to [great outcome] with this [new great thing].
  • If you knew about [new great thing] would you be interested?
  • The way to a [great outcome] is to [new great thing].

Write a great headline for links to other blogs

No BullshitLinking to posts on your friend's...

How Facebook Memorialization works

How Facebook Memorialization works

Everything I publish on Facebook has been public and posterity can have access to my ego. Forever.

How Facebook Memorialization works

How Facebook Memorialization works to replace the newspaper obituary

Facebook Memorialization works by offering a form for a loved one or friend to fill out after someone passes away. Unlike other charges on Facebook, this service is free and the request allows the good Facebook employees know there won’t be anymore management on their account. After providing proof of death in the form of an obituary or death certificate (you can upload a copy!), the good folks at Facebook will ensure that the term “Remembering” will be shown to the right of the name of the deceased wherever it appears on Facebook-managed pages. Key points to remember:

Public posts stay public to future generations (i.e., grandchildren), but private posts will stay private.

Keep in mind that Facebook respects the privacy of posts. Anyone posting to “Friends Only” or to “Friends of Friends” will likely not have any posts available to progeny or anyone researching that person in the years to come. Facebook says, “Depending on the privacy settings of the account, friends can share memories on the memorialized Timeline …. Content the person shared stays on Facebook and is visible to the audience it was shared with.” Furthermore, nobody can log into a memorialized account.

And, of course, I’m Murphy-Lawing myself to go first by pushing my agenda here. If I go first, then please follow the official Facebook Memorialization protocol as they’ve set out on the website.

How to commit suicide on Facebook after you die

Facebook honors your wish to go “ashes to ashes and dust to dust” by allowing users to proactively delete any memorialization that might occur in the future:

  • Click on Settings on the top right hand of Facebook
  • Click Security
  • Click Legacy Contact
  • Click Have Your Account Permanently Deleted

Why I’m gonna miss my friends who didn’t post publicly on Facebook

Facebook Memorial

That’s how Facebook Memorialization works – it keeps or deletes all your posts and pictures after you die. I’m disappointed in you, my friends, who don’t post publicly on Facebook and especially those who don’t post at all. I’m sorry I won’t be able to find your legacy of endless pictures and pedantic posts after you die. I’m sorry I won’t find memes with cats or dogs or other overdone images with butterscotch plagiarisms taken from Instagram. Too bad you didn’t have your settings on PUBLIC and all your posts will be lost to your grandchildren.

Yes, I watched your feed during the greatest days of our youth, I pulled for each of your failed diets, I sent condolences when your pets died and I wished you happy birthday, too! You posted a lot. You were ornery sometimes but you, the cute one, seemed to embody the spirit of the animated GIF better than anyone. But I also especially liked the family photos and quick sentiments posted and tagged. You and similar friends showed up on my news feed constantly.

I tried to keep up, I really did. I scrolled, I liked, I commented. And when I retire I’ll go back and visit your Facebook wall to remember all those great times we had together! Except for those of you who didn’t post publicly on Facebook. Anything set on private will be lost forever, so if you really want your record to be wiped clean, then be sure to learn how Facebook Memorialization works and follow the instructions below.

Print obituaries are being replaced by Facebook Memorialization and it’s gonna be difficult to research the dead if you posted privately.

How Facebook Memorialization works against religions

Yeah, an zealous Facebook friend clutters up a website as much as a sucky website slider. There’s a spiritual point here that isn’t lost to me. Vanity is a sin if you’re a Christian, and Mada is a sin if you’re a Buddhist, and the sin of Riya means that if you’re doing things to impress people in the name of virtue then you’re committing a sin against Islam. Well, there’s also another side of the argument if you want to demonstrate the good works in your life by memorializing your life on Facebook and all the good deeds you’ve done.

The best free web design optimization tools

These free web design optimization tools are available for use and should be used in conjunction with a good Web Design and Marketing Strategy. Website Management Subscription Services sometime offer these as a subscription model because the nature of Search Engine Optimization and the implementation of the technology changes periodically. free web design optimization tools The ability to have success in searches depends on a great deal of research and time spent creating the content on pages and posts. More than anything else, research and implementation are the two components to finding success when using these free web design optimization tools. It's worth remembering that many of these resources require a fair bit of experience and technical knowledge, so consider hiring a website manager to help.

The Best...

Certified Financial Planners make great leaders

Certified Financial Planners make great leaders

In the world of politics there are few Certified Financial Planners to prevent waste and uncover graft. It seems like every other politician is being accused of mismanaging money. Then there’s the subprime mortgage crisis, encouraged by capitalist politicians who were less concerned about fiscal responsibility and more concerned about maximizing profits.

Certified Financial Planners - Brian KingFortunately, there is a growing trend, in local politics especially, to bring in financial professionals who not only have good ideas, but who also have proven experience managing money and the technology around this service. Certified Financial Planners make great leaders because they are proven leaders for clients who depend on their fiscal responsibility. At the urging of clients, friends, family, and colleagues, Certified Financial Planner Brian King recently ran for and was elected to public office in Concord, North Carolina. His success as a financial advisor and businessman influenced him to consider running for public service. On November 3, 2015, he was elected to the Concord City Council.

It was Mr. King’s experience as a businessman and financial planner that helped differentiate him from the other candidates, according to The Independent Tribune writer Erin Weeks.

And through it all, the local businessman has not only maintained but nurtured a love for his hometown, committing early on to service in the community and finally succumbing to the call of public office.

King’s experience working with cash flow management issues, investment planning, financial risk management, insurance planning, tax planning and business planning clearly elevated him to a level unmatched by other candidates lacking financial planning experience.

The CFP® Certification Examination is designed to assess a broad base of financial planning knowledge in the context of real life financial planning situations. By passing this exam, professionals demonstrate to the public they have attained a competency level necessary to practice as a financial planner. Certified Financial Planners are also trained on software solutions and the responsibilities as a website manager communicating information responsibility to customers. Technology, after all, can help ensure security and transparency.

Certified Financial Planners make great leaders who uncover our government’s inefficiencies, who plan responsibly for our municipalities’ futures and who rebuild confidence in our political system.

Certified Financial Planners make great leaders who are up against a country addicted to making a fast buck. Certified Financial Planners make great leaders because they are precisely trained to avoid risky endeavors, the kind of risky investment vehicles, for instance, that Hollywood gives dramatic and satirical treatment in theaters as we write. Adam McKay, director of such hilarious films Anchorman, Step Brothers, and Talledega Nights, returns with a cast that includes stars Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and Steve Carell in his new film The Big Short. The film skewers the 2008 housing and financial crisis through the story of Michael Burry, the real-life financial adviser and investor who predicted the collapse of the market that led to government bailouts of banks, housing lenders, and the automotive industries.

The image of banking and finance has indeed taken a beating in recent years, and with good reason. The corruption that exists and lack of ethics is real. While many who profited from their shady dealings went unpunished, this new era of greed has put names like Madoff and companies like Enron into the minds of most Americans as symbols of corruption.

Bernie Madoff was an “Investment Advisor,” not a legitimate Certified Financial Planner.

Certified Financial PlannersCertified Financial Planners make great leaders in towns nationwide because financial advisors’ understand fiscal matters and can share them publicly with the community in a way they understand. Certified Financial Planners make great leaders because they have proven their quality to the clients they serve through their sound and responsible investments, asset management, and through the relationships they build with their clients and communities. Away from Wall Street, people in medium-sized and small towns truly still have good people who serve their communities, believe in fostering relationships with their clients, and invest and manage money in a fiscally responsible way.

What is a Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner? In a nutshell, Certified Financial Planners make great leaders because they have been certified to do their job responsibly. They’re also likely to utilize professional solutions such as those associated with the NFP, an organization that specializes in training business persons about benefits, insurance, property and casualty and wealth management businesses and what it means to offer diversified advisory and brokerage services to companies and affluent individuals.

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