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Website Manager role: marketer, strategist, implementer

Website Manager role: marketer, strategist, implementer

A website manager role is marketer, strategist, implementer and all-around solution solver with the technical and communication skills needed to give a business its best chance at being found on the Internet. Yes, a basic understanding of HTML is required for most website manager roles, but the strategy around managing a company’s overall Internet presence goes far beyond technical skills and relies on the few simple things.

A website manager guards the whole Internet presence of a company

Although the simple description of a website manager is one who manages just a few roles, the complexity of skills that go into these management responsibilities can be exhaustive. There is marketing, strategy and implementation cornerstones for every website manager. Here’s a brief description for each:

1. Website Manager role: Marketer

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a business’s services for the purpose of selling products. We believe in the Kotler, Philip & Keller method for defining marketing in a website manager role. Specifically, relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing, and socially responsive marketing are the keys to being a good marketer. The set of engagements necessary for successful marketing management includes capturing marketing insights, connecting with customers, building strong brands, shaping the market offerings, delivering and communicating value, creating long-term growth and developing marketing strategies and plans.

Website Manager role

Website Manager role and juggling multiple tasks

The field of marketing strategy considers the total marketing environment and its impacts on a company or product or service. A given firm may offer numerous products or services to a marketplace, spanning numerous and sometimes wholly unrelated industries. Accordingly, a the website manager is required to implement a marketing plan in order to effectively advertise such products.

2. Website Manager role: strategist

Strategy means developing a course of action that outlines every step that will occur for a given project. The website manager is the strategist for a project and is responsible for creating specifications detailing what the business can expect from the Internet presence today, tomorrow and every day in the future. Planning is the beginning and the ending to every successful business project, so  take seriously the ongoing evaluation of how  strategies have been successful and how they need to be tweaked along the way. Communicating the strategy to other members of the business – as well as your customers – is central to executing on strategy with success.

3. Website Manager role: implementer

A website manager role focuses on the business implementation and management of brands and customer communication. Via the website, social media platforms, general news and company product information and data the website manager has his or her hand in all aspects of the company business. The website manager implements these platforms and information on their behalf.

The website manager will start by building a formalized means of organizing and storing an organization’s documents and other content that relate to their processes. The implementation phase begins when the strategies, methods, and tools are put in place for the sales funnel, most important. When viewed by employees and future or existing clients, compliance is at the core of implementing to ensure every aspect is in line with company policy, branding and sales’ purposes.

Website Management


Why the Website Manager Role is central to marketing

The Internet presence of a company is the central repository of a company’s brand and identity in the new digital age. Whether managing customer communications on the website, social media, intranet or secure document repository, a website manager helps to promote specific information and procedures for employees, clients, or a broad group of potential clients, to act upon for the purpose of conducting business.

S.C senator calls PayPal a PedoPal

Senator Lee Bright from Spartanburg, South Carolina introduced a bill on the senate floor saying PayPal supports pedophiles praying on children in bathrooms. Calling the multi-national company PayPal a "PedoPal," the accusation astonished the San Jose, California-based company as well as other technologists who organized against the so-called Bathroom Bills in recent months. More than 150 companies have already signed protests in North Carolina, and PayPal pulled more than 400 jobs from Charlotte, North Carolina in response to the prejudicial actions of that state.

Supposed "PedoPal" company defends itself

Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal, took decisive action after North Carolina passed their resolution to segregate bathrooms in the state: "The new law perpetuates discrimination and it violates the values and principles that are at the core of PayPal’s mission and culture. As a result, PayPal...

Six steps to identify customers for a website

Identify customers for a website website by focusing on telling your story. A business plan can take many hours of intense study and writing to complete, but the process of identifying your ideal customer can be completed fairly quickly if you follow the below six steps:
  • 1. What is your value proposition?  This is your underlying marketing plan to identify customers for a website. It says, "You should visit my website because my website will educate you about your specific interests and needs." This can also be your website's model (i.e., "Resources for Website Managers").
  • 2. Buyer Identification (Interest) Identification helps you achieve your objective. Assemble measurable data with respect to your objective market's demographics, market section, needs and purchasing choices. Find which websites your buyers use and ask the following: How old would they say they are?...

How to write a great headline to get clicks

Like it or not, sensationalism is how to write a great headline. As long as you are concise and factual you will not get penalized by Google. The way to a great SEO campaign is to follow this great new headline template policy. You'll get clicks again and again after and your website manager cred will skyrocket!

Template for a good headline ...

  • How’d you like to [new great thing] that [creates awesome outcome]?
  • Do you know how [great outcome] with [new remarkable thing]?
  • There’s a way to [great outcome] with this [new great thing].
  • If you knew about [new great thing] would you be interested?
  • The way to a [great outcome] is to [new great thing].

Write a great headline for links to other blogs

No BullshitLinking to posts on your friend's...

How Facebook Memorialization works

How Facebook Memorialization works

Everything I publish on Facebook has been public and posterity can have access to my ego. Forever.

How Facebook Memorialization works

How Facebook Memorialization works to replace the newspaper obituary

Facebook Memorialization works by offering a form for a loved one or friend to fill out after someone passes away. Unlike other charges on Facebook, this service is free and the request allows the good Facebook employees know there won’t be anymore management on their account. After providing proof of death in the form of an obituary or death certificate (you can upload a copy!), the good folks at Facebook will ensure that the term “Remembering” will be shown to the right of the name of the deceased wherever it appears on Facebook-managed pages. Key points to remember:

Public posts stay public to future generations (i.e., grandchildren), but private posts will stay private.

Keep in mind that Facebook respects the privacy of posts. Anyone posting to “Friends Only” or to “Friends of Friends” will likely not have any posts available to progeny or anyone researching that person in the years to come. Facebook says, “Depending on the privacy settings of the account, friends can share memories on the memorialized Timeline …. Content the person shared stays on Facebook and is visible to the audience it was shared with.” Furthermore, nobody can log into a memorialized account.

And, of course, I’m Murphy-Lawing myself to go first by pushing my agenda here. If I go first, then please follow the official Facebook Memorialization protocol as they’ve set out on the website.

How to commit suicide on Facebook after you die

Facebook honors your wish to go “ashes to ashes and dust to dust” by allowing users to proactively delete any memorialization that might occur in the future:

  • Click on Settings on the top right hand of Facebook
  • Click Security
  • Click Legacy Contact
  • Click Have Your Account Permanently Deleted

Why I’m gonna miss my friends who didn’t post publicly on Facebook

Facebook Memorial

That’s how Facebook Memorialization works – it keeps or deletes all your posts and pictures after you die. I’m disappointed in you, my friends, who don’t post publicly on Facebook and especially those who don’t post at all. I’m sorry I won’t be able to find your legacy of endless pictures and pedantic posts after you die. I’m sorry I won’t find memes with cats or dogs or other overdone images with butterscotch plagiarisms taken from Instagram. Too bad you didn’t have your settings on PUBLIC and all your posts will be lost to your grandchildren.

Yes, I watched your feed during the greatest days of our youth, I pulled for each of your failed diets, I sent condolences when your pets died and I wished you happy birthday, too! You posted a lot. You were ornery sometimes but you, the cute one, seemed to embody the spirit of the animated GIF better than anyone. But I also especially liked the family photos and quick sentiments posted and tagged. You and similar friends showed up on my news feed constantly.

I tried to keep up, I really did. I scrolled, I liked, I commented. And when I retire I’ll go back and visit your Facebook wall to remember all those great times we had together! Except for those of you who didn’t post publicly on Facebook. Anything set on private will be lost forever, so if you really want your record to be wiped clean, then be sure to learn how Facebook Memorialization works and follow the instructions below.

Print obituaries are being replaced by Facebook Memorialization and it’s gonna be difficult to research the dead if you posted privately.

How Facebook Memorialization works against religions

Yeah, an zealous Facebook friend clutters up a website as much as a sucky website slider. There’s a spiritual point here that isn’t lost to me. Vanity is a sin if you’re a Christian, and Mada is a sin if you’re a Buddhist, and the sin of Riya means that if you’re doing things to impress people in the name of virtue then you’re committing a sin against Islam. Well, there’s also another side of the argument if you want to demonstrate the good works in your life by memorializing your life on Facebook and all the good deeds you’ve done.

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