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Concord tops list of weird places in North Carolina

Concord is one of those weird places in North Carolina where the fury and chaos unfolds every day. Here's the top 5 weird things about it, or at least the top things that we've found caught on camera. There's a lot of great things about the town, too, including our favorite band The Avett Brothers (Scott and Seth Avett, bluegrass-rock musicians), Jody Hill (film director, screenwriter, producer, actor), and Robert D. Raiford (radio personality John Boy and Billy big show). Concord tops the list of weird places in North Carolina while also coming in high on our list of really awesome people.

This sign tops the list of weird places in North Carolina

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The Last Cherokee Indian of Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC

I took my 3-year old to see where the last Cherokee Indians lived. The area is where the Blue Ridge mountains slope gently toward their termination in the South Carolina flatlands. The foothills are prominent in this area, a place where Cherokee country thrived until the white settlers displaced the vast majority of American Indians in the ninetheenth century. The pioneer Richard Pearis  bought up this particular land now operating as Paris Mountain State Park. The public park gained its reputation for beauty and world-class hiking following the amazing public works project by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s, constructing a dam to create Lake Placid and building a number of stone buildings now on the National Register as designated landmarks.

The Curse of the Last Cherokee Indian of Paris...

How to write a great headline to get clicks

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Write a great headline for links to other blogs

No BullshitLinking to posts on your friend's...

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